Grimmies by Webacy

NFT Drop

Webacy is designed to protect your assets from lost keys, phishing links, hacks, death, and more.

If you've ever clicked on a suspicious link or have seen rumors of a hack on twitter and scrambled to Revoke.cash removing permissions as fast as possible, you know that the web3 world can still be the wild west at times and you must always have your guard up - nobody is immune.

The Webacy dashboard was built to be the protector of your portfolio and ensure your assets make it to the next generation.
Some key defense features include:
- A one-click panic button that transfers your protected assets over to your secure, backup wallet.
- A digital will that allows you to dictate where your assets will go upon your death.
- A deadman's switch that monitors your wallet's 'heartbeat' and triggers upon a pre-designated length of inactivity.

With a roadmap that includes time-locked trusts, multiple wallet support, fractionalized NFTs, and more, you will also have early access to the ongoing benefits our company develops and help drive the direction of the product as we are very receptive to feedback.

The 'Grimmies' NFT is the access pass into the Webacy platform and have lifelong benefits that include yearly will updates for free (owning more than 1 multiplies the benefits) and we are currently in the 'on-boarding period' between our free mint and our main mint - ensuring those who own Grimmies have access to the team to get properly setup on the platform and their assets are protected.

The secondary market from our initial 1,000 free mint drop can be found here: https://opensea.io/collection/grimmies-by-webacy

I'd be more than happy to hop on a call to discuss further details with punks and go into further detail to determine if we can help you.