Welcome to the PunksClub Founders NFT Mint!


  • 500 NFTs at 1 ETH
  • Gives you, your projects and content top visibility in all MetaFabric clubs such as PunksClub, ApeClub and our future platforms
  • Exclusive access to a chat with the founders
  • Only holders will be able to request funding and vote on proposals from our upcoming treasury

When I founded PunksClub, my mission was to create an open and welcoming place for CryptoPunk holders to communicate and collaborate. Then the biggest value of being a Punk emerged - access to a vibrant community of artists, visionaries, builders and other brilliant people who are behind every CryptoPunk.

Now you can join my vision of strengthening the broader NFT and web3 market. To fuel these efforts we will be creating a treasury which will be fed from a part of our income and governed by Founders NFT holders.

-- VoyTech


What is the Founders NFT?

It's a limited drop of 500 NFTs aimed at people wanting to support the vision behind MetaFabric, PunksClub and ApeClub.

Minting will be available starting on Wednesday, November 9th at 5pm CET (11am EST). Mint price is set at 1 ETH with a total supply of 500 NFTs. 20 NFTs will be retained by the team.

If you're a member of any of our clubs, and a holder of Founders NFT you will not only receive a special profile badge highlighting your support for our platform, but also several upcoming benefits making you and your content more prominently visible on the platform.

The NFT will be honoured in all future clubs which we plan to start releasing soon.

Only Founders NFT holders and the PunksClub team will be able to request funding for events & projects from the Treasury.

At this point we plan to use the funds for web3 projects related to our MetaFabric ecosystem.

We plan to start seeding the treasury from our next innovative NFT drop which will be probably the first one on the market giving holders immense community value. Stay tuned for updates.

Yes, we will provide an editor allowing anyone to change the avatar & nick on the Founders NFT they hold. It will be available without logging in to PunksClub for your convenience.

You can mint the NFT with any wallet. If you're a member of PunksClub/ApeClub and would like your Founders NFT badge to be shown inside the club - make sure to log in before you mint and ensure that the NFT is sent to your Punk/Ape holding wallet after minting.