I’m lorepunk, and this project will be the place to contact me to write poems about your punks, whether they are fictional, a semi autobiographical story or anything else! I am happy to write them to your specifications, or can craft a theme. Once the text is approved, I will format the poem on an awesome pixel art template by PixelCro, including an image of your punk, and I’ll mint that as an ETH NFT from my own contract on manifold and send to you.

You also receive full ownership of the rights poem text, image, and NFT.

Punk Poems are a great way to quickly spin up “lore” for your punk, which can be used anywhere online, including for linking on foreverpunks or uploading to the upcoming punk book of lore.

Pricing will be very reasonable, depending on level of complexity of the writing and the pixel art background requested.

By default, I tend to write sonnets—a lyrical, classical format—but I can write your punk poem in any poetic style!

Thanks to WizavETH for his very vocal encouragement to get this up early—so early, in fact, that the website, logo and contract are still forthcoming! Provisional logo is just my punk (6825) and cover image is courtesy of DALL-E. And big, big thanks to Wizav and Kacper for their kind help with design, set up and much more.