Venture I founded

A new way to invest in Metaverse land
PangeaDAO is a Metaverse real estate trust that acquires, develops, and commercializes land in virtual worlds. Pangea’s investment, development, and consulting arms work to create a more equitable and accessible Metaverse for individuals, collectives, and brands.

PangeaDAO pools capital into a community-governed treasury to acquire, operate, and finance a diversified portfolio of income-generating Metaverse land. These revenues are used to both grow the treasury and reward $PNGA holders and stakers to allow members to participate in and benefit from Metaverse land investments.

Pangea sits at the intersection between Web3 communities and creators, the land they build on, and the Web2 brands that seek to enter these new and untested markets. Pangea collaborates with and supports users, architects, developers, guilds, brands, and projects producing virtual worlds and metaversal infrastructure to create value in the Metaverse for our community.

We are currently raising a strategic round and would love to chat to any punks that are interested in investing in such an opportunity.