Lunchbox by punkisodes

by Gilles
NFT Drop

Start your lunchbox empire right now. Minting this NFT does not only make you the proud owner of a custom Punk lunchbox NFT. It grants you the IP & Commercial rights of the specific Punk Lunchbox as well. Starting your own lunchbox brand or license your lunchbox away. The choice is yours. Et(h)ernal glory and a couple of thousand lunch boxes are waiting for you.

Straight from the chain to the box.

The whole journey is a fully on-chain, pixel art experience honoring the Punk movement and community. Physical lunch boxes will be forged and claimable with the NFT.

From the chain to your chain.

We're not announcing a roadmap but future punkisode drops might give you the ultimate flex. Every emperor needs his jewellery, so a limited, 250 collection of Lunchbox pendants may or may not be our next NFT drop.

From one punk to another punk.

Once minted, lunchboxes are designated to a specific punk and ready to flex. Want to claim your own punk lunchbox but our boxes are minted out? You can link any secundary bought box to a new punk using etherscan for a fee of 3.690 eth.