Snag Solutions

Venture I founded

Snag Solutions is building project-specific marketplaces for NFT creators that easily embed into a projects existing website by pointing a URL at our hosted experience. We customize the experience to include branded color scheme, project logo, and backlinks to other on-site experiences, and can get projects live in 30-minutes or less!

We've been building for three months, and are set to launch our first customer, Crypto Chicks, later this month with 10+ projects committed to launch by the end of September including a couple of top-100 projects. Sharing a demo video for context: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LnT-QFXsPUg&feature=youtu.be

Yesterday we came out of stealth to submit an AIP to ApeCoin DAO to build a custom marketplace with no fees on sales in $APE and given community overlap would sincerely appreciate any comments or upvotes on the post: https://forum.apecoin.com/t/aip-idea-a-custom-apecoin-marketplace-with-0-ape-fees-and-75-eth-fees/7961/3

We're also looking for additional projects to work with from launch, and charge nothing to the project, taking just .3%-1% of native sales to fund operations while maintaining the project's standard royalty. I'd love to chat if you're interested in learning more!