Feel Good Spins for Feel Bad Times

by Misha
NFT Drop

Arsnl Art is releasing our next project with artists DEBORAH KASS. Kass is in major museum collections (Museum of Modern Art, Whitney, Guggenheim, Jewish Museum, among many others). For the New York natives, you may have seen her famous YO scultpure in front of the Brooklyn Museum. The project is costumed as a slot machine that generates Kass triptychs. To sweeten the deal, in the tradition of the gambling world, each spin could earn the collector special prizes, including the VOTE HILLARY print of Donald Trump done in the Warhol style of the VOTE MCGOVERN artwork of Richard Nixon. Please check out more information on the project page (https://arsnl.art/feel-good-spins) or follow our studio's Twitter account (https://twitter.com/arsnlart).