What is 0xmusic?

0xmusic is a groundbreaking audiovisual project based on the duality of existence. The collection comprises 777 generative music DJs (0xDJs) who fall under 8 DJ types, each with their own genre of music. Each DJ can create an infinite (over 10^45) number of unique songs. To give an idea of how large the playlist is, if a 0xDJ created new songs every 2 minutes, and you played it for a trillion years, you would have listened to far less than 0.00000001% of the total songs that can be created.

When you hit play, the DJ creates a brand new song in real-time. Each song is a complete and compelling musical piece, with a chorus and a verse. When the song is playing, the DJ comes to life. While the anchoring facial structures of the image are constant, the moving elements disintegrate and regenerate in random ways to create an enthralling experience.

A song will play until either you or the DJ moves to the next track. When this happens, all memory of the previous piece is destroyed, and a brand new song is created. This march of creation and destruction will continue as long as the Ethereum blockchain exists.

Song Minting:
What if a collector really vibes with a song and wants to 'save' it? Each NFT has a trait called a 'record' that allows collectors mint a song that is playing into its own separate NFT. Since there are trillions and trillions of songs, collectors are essentially inventing new songs every time they hit play. They can name the song and mint it into its own ERC-721 token to immortalize it on the Ethereum blockchain.

Exploring Creativity:
One of the goals for this collection is to allow collectors to explore their musical creativity and begin a journey towards becoming music producers. To empower this, collectors can download MIDI representations of any song that is played by their NFT. MIDI is essentially digital sheet music. With this, collectors can replace instruments, beats, and create their unique song using their own imagination, paired with their DJ's DNA.

The Masterpiece:

This is where it all comes together. The community comes together to create The Masterpiece. More information about this will be announced shortly.