ARSNL + Siebren Versteeg: For a Limited Time

by Misha
NFT Drop

Siebren Versteeg’s algorithms generate painterly collages that transform images of current events into works that are erotic, prophetic, sometimes terrifying, often humorous, and always revelatory. For a year, Versteeg will generate a new work every 10 to 15 minutes, using trending stories scraped from the internet as source material. Each work will only exist "for a limited time" before being replaced by the next. However, if a collector can’t bear to see the moment go, they can claim the work, cementing the art and their personal connection with time onto the blockchain. The drop will consist of a series of 750 works (tokens), priced at $300 (~0.18 eth), and scheduled to begin next week (March 13-March 15).

"What makes this project special to me is that Versteeg’s algorithm creates unexpected and often humorous combinations of imagery that subvert our expectations. The project's ephemeral nature adds a layer of playfulness and unpredictability, with each work existing for only a brief moment before being replaced by the next. This playfulness is a hallmark of Versteeg's style and a testament to Versteeg's ability to infuse his automated art with a sense of humor, even as he invites us to reflect on deeper issues such as the impact of social media on our culture and the impermanence of our collective interests." -- Dmitri Cherniak, generative artist and coder.