ExpansionPunks is a collection of 10K unique, procedurally-generated collectible Punks stored as ERC721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.
In the same way "expansion packs" introduce new characters and storylines in traditional tabletop gaming, ExpansionPunks have arrived to expand the Punkverse to be a more diverse and inclusive community by addressing subtle biases in the original CryptoPunks collection that unintentionally lead to exclusion.
The ExpansionPunks collection features a gender distribution that inverses disparities in the original collection resulting in an aggregate 20K collection (10K CryptoPunks + 10K ExpansionPunks) that better reflects the real world. Token ownership is your share-of-voice in the ExpansionDAO, a self-governing organization that empowers the community to direct policies and Expansion Treasury investments (e.g. community recently voted to acquire Cryptopunk #2321) held as a community asset.