The Minthouse

NFT Drop

The Minthouse is an educational resource for onboarding the web3 and crypto curious through interaction and storytelling.

Our first mission is to highlight the possibilities of digital collectibles by telling one child’s journey into NFTs. This story will be presented as the first Generative Illustrated Book on the blockchain - The Minthouse!

What is a Generative Illustrated Book? Or a GIB? Yes, we made this acronym up, but hey...it works!

Put simply - It's a digital book where each edition has the same story line but different artwork. Just like some of your favorite PFP projects, randomized traits will ensure that no book looks the same. In the case of The Minthouse, these generative traits will come in the form of the main character as well as some of the page backgrounds.

Written by the talented LorePunk.eth, The Minthouse is a 20 page book following a child's (Your Generative Character) journey into the world of Web3 and digital collectables.