trustINwine: bottle backed NFTs for global collectors

by ohman78
NFT Drop

trustINwine is a primary and secondary marketplace for high end wines, all sold as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) on the blockchain, and stored securely in our warehouses until you want it shipped to your home. By backing the NFT with a bottle, the value of the NFT will increase regardless of floor price of the collection.

Our genesis drop is with Clos Mogador - a top winery in Spain who’s latest wine scored 99 points on the Parker scale.

We will be launching the project with a bundle of two NFTs:
The first NFT is backed by a bottle of Clos Mogador 2021, redeemable by the NFT owner after the wine is bottled in 2023.

The second NFT is a limited edition solarigraphy by Xavier Vaqué, which gives the holder an option to buy up to six whitelisted NFTs in all future drops.

Drop description:
Wine is the result of years of a vine’s life, culminating in a liquid that reflects the season, human care, and maturation.
Solargraphy captures all the sunlight a grape needs to transform into the ripe, sugar-filled berry that becomes wine.

These two wildly different processes are both art and wine. Mixing the visual and the sensual, the analogue and digital.
The result is the Satori Time drop: a bundle of two NFTs representing wine, art and technology.